Installing A New Cell Phone Network Intercom

It was a typical day in a typical office building in a typical part of the world. Among other fascinating offices in this building, however, the offices of, a website dedicated to women’s health and beauty. Though their office was small, they were frequently churning out new, always useful content for women seeking to improve their health and appearance, whether it’s informing them of the health benefits of a regular dose of good olive oil or shattering bad information about acne that is replaced with the truth about acne in adulthood.

Beyond their daily work in spreading this important information, the offices had to deal with the typical array of office problems. Maintaining the heating and cooling at a temperature everybody agreed on was a never ending struggle, while ensuring that lunch and sometimes breakfast and dinner were provided for everybody to keep stomachs full and brains firing on cylinders called for all kinds of difficult measures. Even laying down the borders of where one person’s office began and another’s ended tended to call for a great deal of time and effort on the part of both employees and management. Still, work needed to get done spreading valuable health and beauty data across the internet and each challenge was steadily, if not always easily, overcome.

Among other problems at the office was the matter of controlling access to their offices themselves. While the typical array of door locks kept out most of their problems, sometimes people did need to be let into the office, be they potential investors or simply pizza delivery people with lunch in hand. However, there was a full flight of stairs between the offices of the website and the door itself, oftentimes making it a great deal of hassle. Additionally, with the work being done in the office, it could be difficult for visitors to contact the people inside the office and request access to the office for anything from wifi repairs to Chinese food delivery. And, for those moments when nobody was in the office, letting visitors know that was always a difficult matter.

The owner of decided that a solution to all these problems was in order. With this in mind, the owner of decided to get a cell phone network intercom from These intercoms were quite impressive to the owner of the site, particularly the cell phone network intercom selections on the site. The prices for these advanced devices were more than agreeable to the owner of the site, particularly in light of the increasing amount of visitors to the website’s office at all hours of the day and sometimes at night.

The average cell phone network intercom was built to allow the intercom itself to call either a cellular phone or a land line phone and put visitors using the intercom directly in touch with a telephone programmed to be reachable by the owner. This was of particular importance to the website’s owner because these days a cellular phone is never far from the average person, particularly one involved in the world of the modern internet.

When the intercom was received, it was directly connected to the site owner’s cellular phone via a GSM network. Once it was was installed, the first call asking for entrance was from a world renowned dermatologist, ready and eager to share his knowledge of skin and acne with the site’s owners.

Acne Advice You’ve Heard That Are Not True

Acne is a problem that has multiple solutions but never a definitive one. The reason why so many anti-acne products are available in the market  is because of the different skin types that each person has. Each product contains ingredients and nutrients that is best used on a specific skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, or irritated skin. Therefore, if you are suffering from acne, it is important to learn more about your skin so you can find the right solution to your acne problem.

As you try to prevent acne from growing, you may have heard unsolicited advice from people who think they know better. These may have been people who have taken curing acne upon themselves. This led to them sharing “solutions” that claim to solve acne but do not have the medical expertise and research to support them.

In this post, we will look at these myths about acne that have been made popular over the years and we’ll see if they’re actually true or not.

Myth #1: Washing your face often will prevent breakouts

The main cause of pimples are the dead skin cells that start deep within the pores. By not treating them properly, they pile up on your pores and cause microcomedone (premeditating an acne lesion). This is why there are facial washes to help you deeply cleanse your face and anticipate the growth of pimples.

However, it is recommended that you wash your face using a cleanser only twice a day. Constant washing of the face will cause dryness and irritation of the skin, which only aggravates the development of microcomedone on your pores.

As an aside, it is untrue that pimples are caused by dirt on your skin. Also, scrubbing your face more vigorous than normal will not only limit production of acne, but also inflame the blackheads on your skin.

Myth #2: Acne must be “spot-treated” with benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is an active ingredient in facial washes and anti-acne products that play an important role in preventing the outbreak of pimples. Because the surfacing of acne takes 90 days to complete, regularly washing your face with products containing this ingredient will manage the development of acne.

However, it is improper to dab benzoyl peroxide on pimples on your face, but not washing your entire face. While it still cures and limits the acne, the ingredient is a preventive medication for acne and is not meant for the cure a full-grown pimple.

Myth #3: Oily foods cause acne

French fries, nuts, or salty food high in iodides make the acne worse, but they are far from being the root cause of acne. As mentioned, pimples break out due to the imbalanced production of dead skin cells to your pores. What you eat may inflame acne production, but is not the only reason why you have pimples.

Myth #4: Adults do not get acne

Not true at all. People of different ages experience acne. The difference is perhaps the appearance of the acne of the face – some have more blackheads and whiteheads now compared to the red nodules they have before when they were younger. Nonetheless, it’s acne all the same.

Myth #5: Stress causes acne

“Some studies have found that college students have increased breakouts during finals, but it’s hard to be sure if it’s causative,” says dermatologist Amy Derick, MD, FAAD in a WebMD feature. While stressful times caused some students to have breakouts, others did not experience the same thing. “So maybe stress does play a role, but we haven’t seen any good studies showing that stress hormones make acne worse,” says Derick.

Myth #6: Popping pimples make it all better

Everybody has been guilty of this. In order to get rid of pimples fast and quick, they resort to popping it using their fingers to get rid of the pus and just heal the crevice afterwards. However, this terrible habit may not only spill the pus over nearby issues, thus infecting them in the process, but also cause scarring to your beautiful face.

Myth #6: Tanning cures acne

Unfortunately, the only great thing about tanning is how it gives your skin that bronze appearance. While your skin color may also hide acne from clear sight, it will neither cure nor prevent acne from growing. The dry skin caused by tanning may irritate the skin and may cause more acne to break out. Aside from acne, tanning causes premature aging and is linked with skin cancer.